Brand Style Guide

Essential for all brand owners to maintain graphics and packaging standards.

As custodians of your brand collateral we can reference and benchmark all the approved brand components that collectively make up your brand image.

It comprises of the primary visual standards of your brand identity and includes:

  • each brand design
  • cutter guides
  • pack variants
  • fonts and sizes
  • logos sizes and positions
  • colour palettes
  • ink specifications and suppliers
  • substrate specifications and suppliers
  • printers and press criteria
  • dynamic/static graphic components
  • logos sizes and positions per pack
  • illustrations
  • photography
  • 3D
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We develop production artwork from an approved design file allowing for regionalisation, languages and calibrated colour for subsequent related artworks complete with technical press elements to print ready file status. Each file is versioned and stored within the asset management infrastructure enabling permissioned secure access for online viewing for annotation and approvals, subsequent re-purposing for variants, promos or updates.

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Design Adaptation and Line Extensions

By accessing and re-purposing versioned artwork collateral we can produce creative variations and line extensions or apply your design guidelines to other branded formats economically saving time and significant spend whilst guaranteeing graphics consistency with no conflicts.

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3D Visuals

From an original or existing artwork we create digitised photo-real images primarily for concept visualising. This process is very quick and economical enabling our clients to distribute images of a design around the world to colleagues in seconds. Many clients are now using these products as an approval tool and photography replacement within catalogues, brochures general print and advertising.

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Our specialised photographers are experienced in challenging assignments involving food, beverage and non-food products streaming shots direct to the studio producing the pre-press for your job. Their skills enable the enhancement of imagery ensuring that product looks irresistible, appetising or fit for purpose.

Our specialist photo manipulators correct, enhance and composite for that perfect image.

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